Obituaries - NJ - 1901 - William S. Weeks

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Obituaries - NJ - 1901 - William S. Weeks

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A Boy's Peculiar Death

William S. Weeks Fell On A Sassafras Snag

The Sharp Stick Entered His Side and Cut an Intestine-Died From the Injury at the Long Branch Hospital.

William S. Weeks, aged fifteen years, son of Frank S. Weeks of Colt's Neck, died at the Long Branch hospital on Friday from an injury sustained last Wednesday. He was cutting weeds and brush along a steep bank on his father's place. He began at the bottom of the bank and worked toward the top. When he had reached the top his foot caught in a vine and he fell backward. He fell down the bank and struck on the sharp stump of a sassafras shoot that he had just cut off. The sprout entered his side and cut an intestine. Blood flowed freely from the wound but he climbed up the bank and over the fence, and then walked home with the assistance of a colored boy.

When he reached home he displayed remarkable nerve. His mother had been very sick with nervous prostration. The boy was suffering intensely but he made light of the injury so as not to worry his mother. His parents, however, realized the seriousness of his injury and a doctor was summoned. The doctor recommended his removal to the Long Branch hospital and he was taken there at once. An examination showed that nothing could be done for him except to ease his suffering.

The boy had always lived at Colt's Neck and his sudden death was a shock to the community. He was an attendant at Mrs. Frank W. Heyer's private school and was a member of the Holmdel Baptist Sunday-school. Yesterday would have been the boy's fifteenth birthday. Besides a mother and father he is survived by a sister, Mrs. Frank Matthews of Colt's Neck; and by a brother, Robert Roy Weeks, who lives at home.

The funeral was held on Monday at the house and was conducted by Rev. Robert B. Fisher. The body was buried in the Holmdel cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Aug 21, 1901

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