Obits - NJ - 1900 - Frank Grantz

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Obits - NJ - 1900 - Frank Grantz

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He Took His Own Life After Attempting to Kill His Wife

Frank Grantz of West Freehold committed suicide at Blue Ball on Friday a week ago by shooting himself with a revolver after he had attempted to take the life of his wife with the same weapon. His dead body was found on Sunday by Joseph Nevis while walking about his farm. Grantz had shot himself in the mouth and the bullet had come out at the back of his head.

Two years ago Grantz bought the hotel at West Freehold. Mrs. Grantz conducted the hotel and Mr. Grantz worked at Freehold. A few months ago Grantz and his wife quarreled over the manner in which Mrs. Grantz conducted the hotel. The property was then transferred to Mrs. Grantz's mother and the hotel has since been run in her name. Grantz left his wife at that time and went to Freehold to board. On the day that he committed suicide he went to the hotel and after quarreling with his wife he drew a pistol on her and pulled the trigger several times. The revolver was rusty and would not go off. Mrs. Grantz ran to the house of a neighbor. Grantz followed her there and again shot at her. This time the revolver went off. Mrs. Grantz fell and her husband, thinking he had killed her, disappeared. It was afterward discovered that Mrs. Grantz had fainted and that the bullet had not struck her.

After the shooting Mr. Grantz was seen going toward Blue Ball on a bicycle. At Blue Ball he left his vest and watch at Robert Kohler's cobbling shop and told Mr. Kohler that he was going to end his life. Nothing more was seen of him. On Sunday Joseph Nevis was walking about a pond on his farm when he came across a bicycle standing against o clump of bushes. A short distance from the bicycle was found the dead body of Grantz The body was lying along the bank of the pond with the lower part of the legs in the water. The revolver with which he shot himself was not found and it is supposed that he threw the revolver in the pond.

Grantz leaves a wife and a child. He had worked at the Zimmerman bicycle factory at Freehold and more recently with the Pneumatic wheel company of that place. For several years he was leader of the Freehold brass band.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Sep 26, 1900