Obits - NJ - 1900 - Miss Lizzie Forman

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Miss Lizzie Forman Divides Her Estate Among Relatives

Lizzie Forman of Freehold, who died July 29th, left considerable property. Her grandfather, John C. Forman, had left a great deal of property to her, and in willing it away she bequeathed part of it in accordance with wishes expressed in his will. Miss Forman left $1,000 to Eleanor Remsen Vredenburgh, daughter of James B. Vredenburgh of Jersey City; $2,000 to Edward Forman, son of Edward T. Forman; $2,000 to Edward T. Forman; $1,000 to William H. Vredenburgh, Sr.; $1,000 to Mrs. Annie Titus Emmons; $500 each to Charles D. B. Forman, Dr. D. McLean Forman, Mrs. Helen Forman Smith, Katharine L. Taylor and Mrs. Flavel McGee; and $500 each to the children of William H. Vredenburgh, Peter, Amy, Agnes, Bessie and Willie. A lot on Main street, Freehold is ordered sold, and of the proceeds $400 is to go to Mrs. Harriet W. Chadbourne; $100 to Kate E. Martin; and the net of the proceeds is to be equally divided among Louisa F. Walters, Josephine A. Walters, Annie Willis, Emilie C. Willis and Elizabeth Willis Woodworth, cousins of Miss Forman. The income from a gas bond of $1,000 is to be paid to Miss Forman's aunt, Matilda Walters, and at her death the principal of the bond is to be divided among. the five cousins named. A General Washington chair owned by Miss Forman was bequeathed to Mrs. Flavel McGee; a tall clock to William H. Forman; and a silver sugar bowl, cream pitcher and teapot to William H. Vredenburgh. All the rest of the estate, if there should be any, is to be divided among all the persons named in the will, in proportion to the amount of their legacies. Wiliam Vredenburgh was made excutor of the will.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Sep 26, 1900