Obits - NJ - 1900 - John Brooks

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Obits - NJ - 1900 - John Brooks

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Killed By Electricity

John Brooks of Oakhurst Meets Instant Death

John Brooks, a native of Oakhurst, but who for several years past has been caretaker of the Asiel cottage at Elberon, was instantly killed last Saturday by grasping a live electric wire. He was standing on a stepladder painting the second balcony of the Asiel cottage. The electric wire passed over his head. It is thought that he either partially his balance and grasped the wire or took hold of it to assist him about the cornice of the balcony. When the shock passed through him he fell off the ladder, and hung suspended from the wire. His son Alexander, aged ten years witnessed the accident. He tried to help his father down, but when he touched his body he received a shock that stunned him. Mr. Brooks did not drop from the wire until his fingers were burned nearly through. He was dead when he dropped to the ground. He leaves a wife and four children.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Oct 10, 1900