Wills - NJ - 1900 - James M. Brannin

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Wills - NJ - 1900 - James M. Brannin

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James M. Brannin of Manasquan make his will November 14th, 1898. He left one daughter, Mrs. Josephine L. Newman of new Bedford. Mr. Brannin ordered that all his debts be paid and that a suitable monument be erected over his grave. Then he made these special bequests, to be paid out of his estate in cash:

To his daughter, Josephine L. Newman, wife of John Newman, $500
To his grandson, Hudson Rogers, $300, and a release of all sums due to Mr. Brannin from is grandson at the time of his death.
To Adaline Chamberlain, wife of Barrabas Chamberlain, $300
To James H. Riddle, $400
To Indiana McNinney, $100
To Marietta Powell, $200
To David Brannin, $200
To Phebe Pettit, $200
To Mary L. Brannin, $200
To Charles H. Pearce, $500

All the rest of Mr. Brannin's estate is to be divided among the persons named in the will in proportion to the amount of those bequests. Charles H. Pearce and Benjamin H. Pearce were made executors ofthe will. The witnesses were John Cox and George C. Miller.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Oct 3, 1900