Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - William Seifert

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Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - William Seifert

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Wm. Seifert Drowned

His Boat Capsized in the Bay Last Thursday

It Was Blowing Hard at the Time and it is Supposed He Fell Overboard While Reefing the Sail-The Body Not Recovered.

William Seifert of Port Monmouth was drowned in the bay off Atlantic Highlands last Thursday. On Thursday morning he went clamming in the bay. About noon he landed at Atlantic Highlands. He deposited a check for $100 in the Atlantic Highlands national bank and then took John Woodward and Winfield S. Wells to Sandy Hook. He left the men at Sandy Hook and later in the afternoon he landed at Atlantic Highlands again. The last seen of him there was just before dark, when he was seen on the way to his boat. The wind was blowing very hard at the time. The next day an upturned boat was found floating in the bay near the Highlands and nothing has been heard of Seifert since. The sail of the boat when found was half reefed and it is supposed that Seifert fell overboard while reefing the sail after the boat left the Atlantic Highlands anchorage.

Mrs. Seifert went to New York Thursday morning. Mr. Seifert was to go to New York on Friday to buy some material for a new boat for Charles Davis of Belford. It was a check for a part payment on this boat that he deposited in the Atlantic Highlands bank. He was to meet his wife at New York on Friday and return home with her on Saturday. When Mr. Seifert did not join her in New York Mrs. Seifert thought that he had been unavoidably detained at home, but when she came home on Saturday night and found the house locked she became very much alarmed. Until then no one at Port Monmouth had noticed Seifert's absence from home, and if they had noticed it probably would have thought nothing of it on account of his wife being away. A search was instituted as soon as Mr. Seifert got home and it was soon learned that an upturned boat had been found at the Highlands. Friends of Seifert went to the Highlands and recognized the boat as belonging to him. Seifert's body has not been found.

Seifert was 28 years old and was born at Port Monmouth. His father was a shoemaker at Port Monmouth until a year or so ago, when he moved to Matawan. Seifert married Katie Smith, daughter of George Smith of Port Monmouth. She and one child survive him. He leaves also a sister, Lizzie Seifert, who is employed in the family of Charles VanMater at Atlantic Highlands. Seifert was a carpenter and boat builder by occupation and when he had no work in this line he worked in the bay. He was an industrious man, sober and domestic in his habits, and had a nice property at Port Monmouth that he was working hard to clear of debt.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Nov 21, 1900