Crawford Family Vault

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Crawford Family Vault

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A Family Vault Built in Fair View Cemetery for the Crawford Family

James Crawford of Morrisville has had a family vault constructed in Fair View cemetery. The vault contains burial places for four persons. The burial places are side by side and the vault is in the family plot. The body of Mr. Crawford's father, George W. Crawford, has been placed in one of the vaults; and the body of his brother, Richard Crawford, has been placed in the other. One of the other vaults is for Mrs. Crawford, when she dies, and the remaining vault is to be occupied by the body of one of the other members of the family.

The top of the vaults is three feet under ground. The vaults are covered with bluestone slabs, and the ground is then filled level with soil. On the surface of the ground, directly over the vaults occupied by the bodies of Mr. Crawford's father and brother, and over the vault to be occupied by Mrs. Crawford's body, are slabs of dark Quincy granite. They are oval on top and the names and ages of those who rest underneath will be carved on them.

The vault was built by Robert McKeown of Red Bank. It is an excellent piece of work, and Mr. Crawford has expressed himself as very well pleased with the manner in which the work has been done. The plot has been graded and sodded and has been made one of the most attractive in appearance now in the cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Nov 14, 1900