New Jersey Wills - 1900 - Francis De P. Leonard

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New Jersey Wills - 1900 - Francis De P. Leonard

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A Will To Be Contested

Opposition To Francis De P. Leonardís Will

His son Clement is the Chief Legatee and the Three Other sons Object to the Provisions of the Will, Which Exclude Them

Francis de Puyster Leonard, who died about a month ago, left property valued at nearly $50,000. He owned some real estate in Red Bank, and a short time before his death he received a considerable sum from the government in connection with the French spoilation claims. The claims have been before the government for very many years. They were due to citizens of the United States on account of injuries inflicted by the French in the early part of this century. The claims have been in litigation almost ever since the damage was done, but it was only within the past year that the contest was ended and the distribution of the claims begun. Mr. Leonardís share amounted to about $40,000, but of this amount he had to pay out a large proportion for lawyersí fees and other charges.

Mr. Leonardís will was made last August. Mr. Leonard left a widow and four sons, the sons being Clement de Roldo, Benjamin, Frank and John. Mr. Leonard left to his wife the usual dower rights, but it was left to the discretion of his son Clement as to when and how these payments of dower should be made. The rest of the estate was bequeathed to Clement, and it was left to his discretion to say whether or not the other sons should get anything.

The other natural heirs of the estate have filed objections to the will and these objections will probably be argued before Judge Collins and a jury.

While the suit over the will is going on an administrator of the estate will have to be appointed to take charge of Mr. Leonardís estate. Clement has made application to the court to be appointed administrator. As he is the oldest son and is also the chief beneficiary under the will, it is probable that he will be appointed on filing a bond in sufficient amount, as required by law.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 4, 1900

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