Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - Paul Wolcott

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Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - Paul Wolcott

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Paul Wolcott Killed

Struck By A Train Last Friday Night

He Had Been Married Only Two Months and His Bride Was in the Wagon With Him When He Was Struck-She Escaped Unhurt

Paul Wolcott, son of Bloomfield D. Wolcott of Eatontown, was struck by a north-bound train at the Chestnut street crossing at Red Bank on Friday night. He died from his injuries four hours later at the Long Branch hospital. In the wagon with him when he was struck by the train were his wife, to whom he was married two months ago, and a boy named John Wright, son of Mrs. Belinda Wright, who works in Bloomfield Wolcott's family. They escaped with only a few slight scratches. The horse was killed and the wagon was wrecked.

Mr. Wolcott had come to Red Bank to get a box of tools from Griggs's machine shop on Chestnut street to take to the hat factory at Eatontown, where Mr. Griggs was making some repairs. Bloomfield Wolcott is a stockholder in the hat factory and Paul Wolcott was doing the errand for his father. Mrs. Wolcott and the boy went with him for a ride. They went to Red Bank by way of Shrewsbury avenue and were going toward Broad street when the accident happened. They were in a closed carryall wagon.

As they approached the Chestnut street crossing Mrs. Wolcott noticed the flagman standing on the opposite side of the track with a lantern in his hand. The flagman seemed to be making no signal and hearing no train they started to cross the track. As they got square on the track the headlight of a locomotive shone full on them and the horse shied. The next instant the engine was upon them. Mrs. Wolcott and the Wright boy were thrown to the side of the track and escaped practically unhurt. Mr. Wolcott was on the side of the wagon that the engine struck. He had the lines in his hand and he was drawn in front of the engine. His right leg was cut off just above the ankle. When he was picked up the foot hung by a few shreds of flesh and by a fragment of the trousers leg. His right arm was ground to pieces almost to the shoulder . he was also cut about the head.

Dr. Edwin Field of Red Bank had come up from the Long Branch hospital on the train that struck Wolcott.. Wolcott was carried to the baggage room and Dr. Field and Dr. T. A. Curtis dressed his wounds temporarily. Wolcott was taken to the hospital on the next train going to Long Branch and Dr. Field accompanied him. The arm and leg were amputated at once, but Wolcott sank rapidly and died at eleven o'clock. Wolcott was conscious almost till his death. His father went to the hospital as soon as he heard of the accident. This was only a short time before Wolcott died.

Mr. Wolcott was 23 years old. He had lived at Eatontown all his life. He had always lived at home and was engaged in business with his father. About two months ago he married Miss Jennie Sherman, daughter of John Sherman of Long Branch, formerly of Manasquan. Since their marriage they had lived with Mr. Wolcott's parents, but they were to have begun housekeeping last Saturday in a new house which Mr. Wolcott had built near his father's residence. He was a popular young man and had a host of friends. Three brothers survive him, Joseph, James and Edmund Wolcott.

The funeral was held on Monday afternoon at Bloomfield D. Wolcott's house. A very large number of the young man's friends were present and nearly all the stores in Eatontown were closed. Elder Willis G. Brown of the Advent church preached the sermon and Elder Eseck Wolcott made some remarks and gave the prayer. Mrs. George Mosby and Miss Helen C. Bennett sang a duet "Sometime We'll Understand." The pall bearers were Albert Wolcott, Ira Wolcott, D. Oliver Wolcott, Wilfred Wolcott, Stanley Higginson and Henry Allen. The body was buried at the West Long branch cemetery.

Coroner Tetley empaneled a jury on Saturday to fix the responsibility for Mr. Wolcott's death. The jurymen are Littleton White, Stephen Higginson, William Roswell, Frank Dangler, F. R. Clark and George Loversidge of Eatontown. They viewed the scene of the accident and the body on Saturday. The inquest will be held at Eatontown next Saturday at ten o'clock.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 12, 1900