Wills - NJ - 1900 - Bloomfield Drummond

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Wills - NJ - 1900 - Bloomfield Drummond

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Bloomfield Drummond Leaves the Income from $25,000 to His Widow and All the Rest of His Estate Goes to His Daughter

Bloomfield Drummond's will has been probated at Freehold, and the provisions of the will have been practically carried out, so far as they can be at present. Mr. Drummond died at his home on Broad street, Red Bank, on October 22d. He left a daughter, Harriet D. Cannon, wife of C. Walton Cannon, and he also left a widow, who was his second wife, and who was Mrs. Julia A. Parker before her marriage to Mr. Drummond in 1876. Mr. Drummond made provision for his widow by directing that $25,00 be invested and that the income from the this sum be paid to her annually. As money at interest brings five per cent interest net, this would give Mrs. Drummond an income of $1,250 per year. At Mrs. Drummond's death Mrs. Cannon is to have the income from this fund. In case Mrs. Cannon, at her death, leaves children, then the $25,000 left in trust is to be hers absolutely, to will away as she chooses. If she dies without leaving living children the $25,000 left in trust is to go to Rebecca H. Reckless, wife of Gilbert S. Reckless of Red Bank, and is to belong to Mrs. Reckless absolutely. Mrs. Reckless is Mrs. Drummond's daughter by her first husband.

The residence property of Mr. Drummond on Broad street, and all the rest of Mr. Drummond's estate of every kind including real estate, money, stocks, bonds and other personal property, was left absolutely to his daughter, Mrs. Cannon. The will was made January 18th, 1894. The witnesses were John Terhune and H. B. Sherman, Jr., of Long Branch. Thomas R. Woolley was made the executor of the will. In case of his death before Mr. Drummond's death, then Mr. Woolley's son, Blomfield Drummond Woolley, was to be made executor; but as Thomas R. Woolley is still alive, this provision of the will is practically of no effect.

Mrs. Drummond has moved from the Drummond homestead on Broad street and is now living with her brother, Borden Hance. Mrs. Cannon, who occupies the homestead, is making a number of improvements to the property, which is one of the handsomest residence properties in Red Bank. Mrs. Cannon is the mother of one child, a boy about eight years old. Her father was a very rich man, and by the provisions of Mr. Drummond's will Mrs. Cannon is probably the wealthiest woman in her own right in Shrewsbury township.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 5, 1900