Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - William Bullock

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Obituaries - NJ - 1900 - William Bullock

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William Bullock Dead

Shot While Trying to Evade Capture in Virginia

He Tore the Bandages From His Wounds While in the County Jail at Portsmouth, Va., and Bled to Death

William Bullock, the negro who shot and killed Officer James Walsh of Red Bank over a year ago, while the latter was trying to arrest him, was captured by detectives last Thursday. He was caught near Portsmouth, Virginia, by two amateur detectives. Bullock tried to escape the detectives and two loads of buckshot were fired at him. One load struck him in the legs and the other in the hips. He was taken to the county jail at Portsmouth where his wounds were dressed. The injury he had received was very severe and he became delerious (sic) on Friday night. On Saturday morning, while delerious (sic) , he tore the bandages from his wounds, and the loss of blood which ensued, together with the injury itself, caused his death on Saturday afternoon.

When Bullock escaped from the Freehold jail he went South and got work on a farm in the southern part of Virginia. Two amateur detectives, who recognized Bullock by his photographs which had appeared in the newspapers, determined on his capture. Bullock always went heavily armed. On Thursday the detectives came upon him unawares, and commanded him to throw up his hands. Bullock started to run, when the detectives fired at him and brought him down.

Sheriff Davis was telegraphed to, and he and William A. Hures, his deputy, went to Portsmouth. They recognized Bullock and were recognized by him. Sheriff Davis got out requisition papers to bring Bullock back to Monmouth county, but Bullock died before the arrangements were ready to be carried out. Bullock died without giving any information as to how he escaped from the Freehold jail.

Bullock had been three times tried for the murder of James Walsh. Once the jury disagreed, and twice he was convicted of murder in the first degree and was sentenced to be hanged. He got a new trial each time, and was about to be tried for the fourth time when he escaped. A fake story was started to the effect that Bullock had been helped out of jail by Red Bankers, who had lynched him and burned his body after they got him out.

Bullock's death will relieve the county of any further expense in relation to his future trials. He has been one of the most expensive criminals the county has ever had on its hands, so far as regards the cost of prosecuting him.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 12, 1900