Wills - NJ - 1900 - Mary Throckmorton

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Wills - NJ - 1900 - Mary Throckmorton

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Mary Throckmorton of Freehold ordered that a suitable monument be placed over her grave, which was to be in the family plot in Maplewood cemetery at Freehold; and $100 was left in trust, the income from which is to be used to keep the plot in good order. Half of the rest of the estate is to go to a sister, Josephine Howell of East Orange, N.J. The other half of the estate is to be invested and the income from the money is to go to another sister, Annie Bowne of Pittsford, New York. At Annie Bowne's death the principal of this half of the estate is to go to Josephine Howell. It is expressly stipulated in the will that the income from Annie Bowne's share of the estate shall not be under the control of Annie Bowne's husband in any way; nor shall the income be used to pay any of his debts. Rebecca A. Irons was made the executrix of the will, and she was directed to divide the jewelry, trinkets, wearing apparel and other personal effects of Mrs. Throckmorton among her two sisters, her two nieces and her nephew in such manner as she might deem proper and just. The will was made November 9th, 1900.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 26, 1900