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New Jersey Wills - 1900 - Lewis B. Brown


A Big Estate Divided

The Will Of Lewis B. Brown Of Elberon Probated.

His Widow is to Get the Income of $60,000 as Long as She Lives, and She Also Gets Much Personal Property

The will of Lewis B. Brown of Elberon, who died a short time ago, was probated last week. It is the longest will that has been probated in Monmouth county in many years, and it comprises 22 pages. It was made November 22d, 1898. There were a few personal bequests, but the greeter part of the estate is to be held in trust by the executors and the income paid over to the legatees. Among the direct bequests were $3,000 to his grandson, Lewis Brown Gawtry; $1,000 to Benjamin Weed, who had been in Mr. Brown’s office many years; $250 to Lewis B. Brown, who was named after Mr. Brown; $500 to John Eckes, who had been employed in the office of his son, Charles S. Brown, for many years; $100 each to Arthur Weed of Nordon, Conn., T. Wilbur Spear of Brooklyn, and A. Reon Moen of New York City; $250 each to John Brown of Elberon, Emily Smith and Catherine Daly, who had been in Mr. Brown’s employ for many years; and $100 each to Caroline Wilmer and Abraham Hill, who had also been employed by Mr. Brown for a number of years. Mr. Brown’s widow gets all his furniture, horses, carriages and all other personal property except money, bonds stocks and other securities.

Mr. Brown’s son, Charles S. Brown, his son-in-law, Harrison W. Gawtry, and his grandson, Lewis Brown Gawtry, are made the executors and trustees of the will. They can sell real estate and buy more, and they can sell and buy securities, and can manage the estate to as their judgment shall dictate. Mr. Brown’s widow is to get the interest on $60,000 as long as she shall live. At her death $12,000 of this sum of $60,000 is to go to his son, Charles S. Brown; $12,000 to his daughter, Louise B. Gawtry; two shares are to be held in trust and the income paid to his son, Lewis M. Brown; one share to be held in trust , and the income paid to Harold Brown: one share to be held in trust and the income paid to Elsie Brown; and the remaining two shares to be held in trust and the income to be divided equally among Helen B. Coles and her two children, Lilian Coles and Gertrude S. Coles. All the property held in trust is to go the natural heirs of the persons to whom the income is to be paid, as soon as these persons shall die. The will expressly provides that no advances made by Mr. Brown to his children during his lifetime shall be charged against them in settling his estate, and it also provides that if any of the legatees wish to take some of his real estate or securities as their share of the estate instead of cash they shall be permitted to do so.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, August 15, 1900

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