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New Jersey Wills - 1900 - J. H. Hendrickson


J. H. Hendrickson's Will

It Was Made In 1895 And Was Probated Saturday

His Estate Estimated at $225,000 - His Daughters are His Chief Legatees - The Children of His Dead Son Get $15,000 Each

The will of James H. Hendrickson, who died on Thursday, March 22d, was probated on Saturday. Mr. Hendrickson was one of the richest men in the town of Red Bank, and his estate is estimated to be worth $225,000. Mr. Hendrickson left three daughters, and there are also living three children of his dead son, Charles B. Hendrickson. Mr. Hendrickson's three daughters are Mary E., wife of Harry Payne; Emma E., wife of Thomas S. Hubbard; and Annie J., wife of Harry Edwards.

With the exception of a bequest to Daniel Errickson, who had worked for Mr. Hendrickson for many years, all of Mr. Hendrickson's estate was left to his widow, his three daughters, and his three grandchildren. The bequest to Daniel Errickson consisted of $4,000 in cash, and the use free of rent for three years of the Hendrickson stables and of the house and lot on the north side of Mechanic street, now occupied by Michael Hartnedy.

To his wife, Mary B. Hendrickson, Mr. Hendrickson left the use of the homestead house, lot and barns on Front street, the use of all the furniture and supplies in the house, and the interest on $20,000. Mrs. Hendrickson is also to have the choice of any carriage, team of horses and set of harness that she may select from among those in Mr. Hendrickson's possession at the time of his death.

Mrs. Eliza Ovens Hendrickson, widow of Mr. Hendrickson's son, Charles B. Hendrickson, is to have the use of the house and lot she now occupies on the south side of Front street as long as she lives or remains unmarried.

The bequest to Mr. Hendrickson's widow, Mrs. Mary E. Hendrickson, and to his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Eliza Ovens Hendrickson, are to be free of tax, insurance and repairs. The will directs that the sum of $5,000 is to be invested and the income from this is to be used to pay the expenses of keeping the properties in order and in the payment of taxes and insurance. At Mrs. Mary E. Hendrickson's death the homestead property, including the furniture, etc. is to go to Mrs Mary E. Payne. The $20,000 which is to be invested for Mrs. Mary E. Hendrickson's benefit is to be equally divided among Mr. Hendrickson's three daughters. The house and lot bequeathed to Mrs. Eliza Ovens Hendrickson for her use during her lifetime is to be sold at her death and the proceeds equally divided among Mr. Hendrickson's three daughters. At the death of both Mrs. Mary E. Hendrickson and Mrs. Eliza Ovens Hendrickson, the $5,000 invested to pay the taxes, insurance, etc. on their bequests, is also to be divided equally among Mr. Hendrickson's three daughters.

The three children of Mr. Hendrickson's dead son Charles are each toget $15,000 when they become 21 years old. The will orders that $45,000 be set aside for this purpose. This money is to be invested and the income arising from it is to be divided equally among Mr. Hendrickson's three daughters until the children become of age. These children are George O. Hendrickson, James H. Hendrickson and Charles E. Hendrickson.

All the rest of Mr. Hendrickson's property is left to his three daughters, to be divided equally among them.

Mrs. Mary E. Hendrickson is made sole executrix of the will, and she is requested to employ Nevius & Wilson to take charge of Mr. Hendrickson's personal estate as soon as possible after his death and to settle the estate.

The will was made December 9th, 1895, with Charles Cothren and William Applegate, Jr., as witnesses.

The heirs of Mr. Hendrickson's estate held a meeting yesterday. The heirs desired to retain the stables, and an agreement was reached between them and Daniel Errickson whereby Mr. Errickson relinquished his right to the three years' use of the stables and house on mechanic street. The sum paid him for relinquishing this property was $960. The bequest of $4,000 was also paid to Mr. Errickson yesterday.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Apr 11 1900

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