New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Miss Anna Burd

A Young Woman's Suicide

Miss Anna Burd Ends Her Life With A Bullet

She Had Been in Poor Health For Several Years and Her brain Was Affected - The Funeral Held This Afternoon

Miss Anna Moreau Burd, daughter of Mrs. Cordelia Burd of Riverside avenue, committed suicide on Monday morning by shooting herself in the right temple with a 32-caliber revolver. At the breakfast table she complained of a pain in her head and her mother advised her to see her physician, Dr. J. C. Rush. She went upstairs to dress and in a few minutes afterward, Mrs. Harry Crossley, who boards at the house, heard a pistol shot. The shot was followed by a heavy fall.

Mrs. Burd rushed upstairs to her daughter's room and not finding her there opened the door of a spare bedroom adjoining. On the floor lay her daughter, with a revolver near her. Miss Burd had shot herself in the right temple. No blood flowed from the wound, and there were no discolorations from powder. From the position of the body it is supposed that Miss Burd had stood before the looking glass when the shot was fired. The revolver belonged to her brother, and was kept in his room.

Dr. Rush was sent for at once, but he could do nothing, as death had been instantaneous. Miss Burd had an attack of scarlet fever when she was a girl and had been troubled with frequent attacks of headache ever since. For the past three years she had complained more than ever of pains in her head and at times she was affected with melancholia. She was more depressed in spirits during the summer than in the winter and her condition was generally ascribed to nervousness. This summer she had been in better spirits than for several years past. The morning of her death she said her head pained her more than usual, and tears coursed down her cheeks as she spoke of it.

Miss Burd was 36 years old and had lived at Red Bank about thirty years. Her father, George W. Burd, died thirteen years ago. Besides a mother she leaves three brothers. They are Charles, Fred and George Burd of Red Bank. She had been a member of the Red Bank Baptist church thirteen years.

The funeral was held this afternoon at two o'clock at the house and was strictly private. Rev. W. B. Matteson had charge of the service. The body was buried at Fair View cemetery. The bearers were William Hockman, John Mount, Clarence White and Walter French.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 27, 1899