New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Ex-Judge Pitney Curtis

Ex-Judge Pitney Curtis's Estate Goes to His Daughters

Ex-Judge Pitney Curtis of Wall township made his will October 22d, 1888. The witnesses were Daniel H. Applegate of Red Bank and David S. Crater and Nathan J. Conover of Freehold. Mr. Curtis directed that all his debts and funeral expenses be paid and that a monument be erected over his grave. A special bequest of his stock in the First National bank of Red Bank was made to his daughter, Flora Curtis. To his wife, Julia N. Curtis, he left the homestead farm, together with the household furniture, farming utensils, live stock, grain, etc., as long as she should live. At her death this property, together with the residue of his estate, is to be equally divided between his two daughters, Flora Curtis and Julia L. Osborn. Howard Osborn was appointed executor of the will with power to sell all the real estate except the homestead farm. Mr. Curtis's estate is valued at $50,000 to $75,000.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 13, 1899