New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Sophia F. Wood

Sophia F. Wood, wife of Joseph Wood of Red Bank, who died about four weeks ago, made her will in December, 1897. She left to her husband's daughter, Sarah A. Sickles, wife of William J. Sickles of Red Bank, a house and lot on Bridge avenue. At Mrs. Sickles death this house and lot is to go to Mrs. Sickles's son, Harry Noble. To her husband Joseph Wood, Mrs. Wood left the use of the house, lot and furniture on East Front street and also the profits of two patents assigned to her by Edward S. Allaire. At Mr. Wood's death the profits of the patents are to go to his daughter, Sarah A. Sickles. At her husband's death, the house and all the property not otherwise disposed of is also to go to her husband's daughter, Sarah A. Sickles. To her niece, Sarah W. Hendrickson, wife of Charles E. Hendrickson, she bequeathed some paintings and an old-fashioned mahogany sofa, some mahogany chairs and a bronze clock. To Kitty Hill, wife of Whitall S. Hill of Red Bank, she left a mahogany bedstead, including springs, mattress and other things which pertain thereto. Mrs. Sarah A. Sickles was made executrix of the will and Maggie Hartnedy and J. Fred Wherry were the witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 18, 1899