New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Martha A. White

Martha A. White of Keyport left her clothes and a picture of her mother to her sister, Mary E. Madden. To the children of her deceased brother, Peter F. White, she left her beds and bedding. The rest of her personal property is to be divided between her sister, Mary Madden, and her brother's children. Miss White directed that $2,000 be paid to her aunt, Sarah A. Taylor, one year after her death, if Mrs. Taylor survived her. In case Miss White survived her aunt, $1,000 was to be paid to the trustees of the Keyport Methodist church. To her sister-in-law, Emma White, widow of Peter F. White, she left $200 to be paid in one year after her death. One-half of the rest of her estate is to go to her sister, Mary E. Madden, and the other half is to be equally divided among her brother's children. Sarah A. Taylor was appointed executrix of the will and Benjamin B. Ogden was made executor. The will was made June 11th, 1898, and Richard W. Jewett and Rufus O. Walling were the witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 18, 1899