New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Elizabeth L. Morris

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Morris Makes a Number of special Bequests - Most of Her Estate to go to Her Children

Elizabeth L. Morris of Ocean township made her will September 5th, 1887. She left $1,000 to Calvin S. Uline of Devils Lake, Dakota: $500 to Indiana C. McNinny of Manasquan, and $200 and all her underclothing to her sister, Sarah Clark of Manasquan. To her nieces, Sarah E. Clark and Adaline M. Clark; to her step-daughters, Sarah A. Crater and Lydia Bennett; to her servant, Jacob Sylvester; and to the East Long Branch reading room, she left $100 each. She also made the following bequests of keepsakes, etc:

    To her friend, William B. Ireland of Asbury Park, a French marble clock.
    To her physician and friend, Dr. H. H. Pemberton of Long Branch, a crayon portrait of himself.
    To her brother, Edwin L. Pearce of Manasquan, her half-interest in a house at Manasquan and her title and interest in a burial plot at Atlantic View cemetery.
    To her niece, Sarah E. Clark of Manasquan, a watch and chain.
    To her son, Benjamin P. Morris, a ring, a clock and two pictures.
    To her daughter Mytilla D. Heisley, a diamond brooch, a quilt, a pillow and some pictures.
    To her daughter Carrie E. Green, a china set, silverware, a sealskin cloak and muff and some other clothing.
    To her daughter, Ella W. Morris, a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, silverware, books and pictures.
    To her daughter, Lillie A. Morris, a diamond ring, an umbrella, jewelry and silverware.

The remainder of her personal estate is to be divided equally among her four daughters mentioned above. She directed that the remainder of her real estate be sold within two years after her death. The proceeds of the sale, are to be equally divided among her children, Benjamin P. Morris, Carrie E. Green, Myrtilla D. Heisley, Ella W. Morris and Lillie A. Morris. Acton C. Hartshorne of Freehold was made executor of the will and Aaron E. Johnston and Joseph McDermott were the witnesses.

Note: the name Mytilla in one place and Myrtilla in another are as printed in the paper.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 18, 1899