New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Ralph Slack

Found Dead On The Track

Ralph Slack Killed Last Thursday Night

He Had Apparently Been Riding on a Freight Train - He Was a Son of William Slack, Who Was Recently Murdered

The dead body of Ralph Slack of Beach street was found lying between the tracks of the Central railroad, near White's woods, south of Red Bank, shortly before midnight on Thursday night. Slack was the son of William Slack, who was murdered a short time ago by Fred Hendrickson. The body was found by William Rush of Oceanport, an employee of the Central railroad, who was on his way home from Red Bank at the time. Rush returned to Red Bank and notified Undertaker Robert T. Smith, and the body was removed to Mr. Smith's shop on Front street. An examination showed that Slack's skull was fractured, his neck, back and right leg were broken, and the lower bart (sic) of his body was covered with bruises. The face was hardly scratched.

The body had the appearance of having been dragged a long ways, as the clothing was torn almost completely off. It is thought that Slack got on the last car of a freight train at the freight station at Pearl street and intended to ride as far as Beach street and get off: and that in getting off the train some part of his clothing caught and he was dragged along by the cars until the clothing gave way and the body fell. Slack was not hit by a moving train, as the body when found was lying directly between the two tracks as though it had been dropped, and it had not been run over.

Slack was a stair-builder and was employed by Root & Dibben of Red Bank. He had been working at Lakewood on Thursday. With him on the job were Albert Table and Henry Grause. The men got back on the train that reaches Red Bank at quarter to five o'clock. Slack did not go home to supper but went down town. Later in the evening he was seen going toward home. He was very drunk. That was the last seen of him until his dead body was found on the railroad track. His wife did not learn of his death until Friday morning.

Slack's friends say that he had been acting strangely ever since his father was murdered. He was a very dissipated man. He leaves a wife and two small children. Mrs. Slack is a daughter of the late Robert Hayward of Red Bank. She is a sister of Mrs. C. H. Hook and Humphrey Hayward of Red Bank. Mrs. Slack will now make her home with Mrs. Hook.

Mr. Slack's funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock at his late home on Beach street. The service was conducted by Rev. E. C. Hancock. The pall bearers were Frank Reilly, Ezra and Harry Osborne, Albert Table, William Walters and William Dennis, all of whom were his fellow workmen. The men employed in the mill sent a floral pillow as a tribute. The body was buried in Fair View cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 11, 1899