New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Misses Libby and Ellen Lawrence

Two Sudden Deaths

Two Sisters Die at Colt's Neck - A Double Funeral

Miss Libby Lawrence of Colt's Neck died suddenly last Thursday, aged 83 years. Her sister, Miss Ellen Lawrence died the next day, aged 66 years. Ellen was the youngest of a family of seven children and Libby was the oldest. They were unmarried and lived a very retired life. Libby had been in poor health for five years. On Wednesday Ellen was taken seriously sick and this so frightened her sister that she became unconscious and remained in that condition until her death. The funeral of the two women was held at their late home at half-past eleven o'clock on Monday. The service was conducted by Rev. W. R. Cunningham. The bodies were buried in the Brick church cemetery at Bradevelt.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, November 15, 1899