New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis of Freehold left a will which he made March 3d, 1898. He left $500 to his sister, Mary A. Ellis; $300 to his niece, Marion May McGrath; and $100 each to two nephews, Webster R. and Frank E. Mcgrath. A number of bequests were given as keepsakes, these being set forth in the will as follows:

    To my wife, Lydia M. Ellis, I bequeath my open face gold watch and the gold chain.
    To my sister, Emily F. Ellis, my diamond stud ---Masonic mark.
    To my nephew Webster R. McGrath, my secretary book case and contents, and my gold headed cane.
    To Frank E. McGrath, my gold watch received from the Rue manufacturing company.
    To Marion May McGrath, my Odd Fellows regalia case and contents.
    To Mary E. McGrath, all pieces of money which I have collected together as coins.
    To Webster and Frank McGrath, my clothing, share and share alike.

One-half of all the rest of Mr. Ellisís property is to go to his wife. The income from the other half is to be divided equally between his two sisters, Mary E. McGrath of Germantown, Pa. and Emily E. Ellis of Freehold. At the death of these sisters the principal is to be divided equally among his niece and nephews, Marion May McGrath, Webster R. McGrath and Frank E. McGrath.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 31, 1899