New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Myron S. Gould

Myron S. Gould’s Will

All of His Estate Goes to His Relatives

Myron S. Gould of Asbury Park made his will August 23d, 1890. He left $50 to Carrie Pitcher, daughter of his sister Almira; and $50 to Mary Howard, daughter of his sister Lydia. Both of these relatives live in Bradford county, Pa. All the rest of his property he left to his wife, Julia S. Gould, as long as she should live or as long as she should remain his widow. At her death the property was to be divided equally between his two daughters, Berenice Pawley, wife of Frank Pawley, and Bina S.Gould. In case his widow shall remarry, then all his property is to be divided into three parts; one part to go to his daughter Berenice, another part to his daughter Bina, and the third part shall go to his wife as long as she shall live and at her death this part is to be divided equally between his two daughters.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 24, 1899