New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Charles E. Truax

Charles E. Truax of Wayside, who committed suicide in a neighbor’s barn while temporarily insane, left a will which was made October 4th, 1898, and in which he left all his property to his wife, Susan Truax. His real estate which is specified in his will, consists of a house and lot at the corner of Whitfield and Clark avenues, Ocean Grove; a house and lot on Corlies avenue, West Ocean Grove; a house and lot on Sylvan avenue, West Asbury Park; his farm of 35 acres at Wayside, and his half-interest in a lot at Point Pleasant. All of Mr. Truax’s personal property was also bequeathed to his wife. A clause in the will stated that she was to hold it or dispose of it as she pleased, “putting every confidence in her and believing that she will manage all her affairs for the best interests of all who may be dependent upon us as their natural guardians.” Mrs. Truax was made the executrix of the will. The witnesses to the will were J. Otto Rhome, Edward C. Wyckoff and David H. Wyckoff, all of whom live at Asbury Park.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 10, 1899