New Jersey Wills - 1899 - David G. Ryer

Disposition of David G. Ryer’s Estate

David G. Ryer of Matawan, who died on the third day of March, made his will May 20th, 1895. The witnesses were Marcus D. Tylor and William G. Bedle. Mr. Ryer was a commission merchant in New York City, and his two sons, Walter and Howard, were his partners. In his will Mr. Ryer requested that his wife and two sons carry on his business after his death, or at least until the first of May following his death. The house where Mr. Ryer lived was in his wife’s name, and in his will he left her a lot on Church street at Matawan and a lot on Main street at Matawan which he bought about five years ago at the sale of the John L. Thorn property. He also left her his gold watch, his diamond stud, and all his household furniture and personal property of every description except his money, stocks, bonds and other securities. To his daughter Alice who is unmarried, and who made her home with her parents, he left $1,000 in cash. All the rest of his property, whether real estate or personal property, it is to be made to bring in an income, and the whole of this income is to go to his widow as long as she shall live. If the income from this property is not sufficient to properly maintain his wife, she is to be allowed to assume reasonable debts, and at her death, if she had used up her own property, or if she had disposed of her property in any way, her debts are to be paid out of the principal of his estate. Whatever is left is to be divided into five parts, one part going to each of his children-Walter D. Ryer, Howard Ryer, Alice Ryer, Cornelia, wife of Dewitt C. Smoch, and Ada, wife of George McDonald. The executors of the will are Mr. Ryer’s wife and his two sons.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, March 29, 1899