New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Sidney Chasey

Sidney Chasey’s Death

Found In A Dying Condition On Sunday Morning

He Left Home Some Time During Saturday Night and Was Found on Sunday Morning in a Half-Finished House on Leighton Avenue

Sidney Chasey of Leighton avenue died on Sunday under circumstances which at first seemed to indicate that a crime had been committed, but subsequent investigation disproved this theory. Chasey had remained home on Saturday evening. At half-past eleven the family went to bed leaving him sitting in a chair by the fire. Some time during the night he left the house. The next morning about eight o’clock he was found in a half-finished house on Tunis Worthley’s lot on Leighton avenue. He was in a stupor at this time. Early on Sunday morning, before daylight, it had rained very hard, but Mr. Chasey’s clothing was dry, showing that he had not been out during the storm. The legs of his trousers were wet nearly to the knees and he had evidently been wading in the water which settles in a low place on Leighton avenue.

There was a slight scratch on the side of his head, but this was the only mark on his body. Worthley tried to rouse Chasey from his stupor, but could not do so. Then he sent word to Chasey’s fmily of his condition and he was taken home in a wagon. Dr. Sayre was called to attend him but Chasey was in a dying condition when Dr. Sayre arrived. He died about noon time, without having regained consciousness. Dr Sayre said that death was probably due to heart failure, or that Chasey may have had a fit.

Chasey lived on Leighton avenue with his mother, Mrs. Hannah Chasey. He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Elizabeth Callahan of Red Bank. She died eight years ago, leaving two children, George and Sidney, who are now fifteen and thirteen years old. His second wife did not make her home with her husband but lived in New York. He leaves two brothers and a sister, all of whom live at Red Bank. They are Levis and Henry Chasey and Mrs. Elizabeth VanBrunt.

The funeral will be held at the house at ten o’clock to-morrow morning. The service will be conducted by Rev. W. B. Matteson and the burial will be at Fair View. The pall bearers selected are Robert Clayton and Robert Tilton of Red Bank, and James Bray, Jr., and James Tomlinson of Lincroft.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, March 29, 1899