New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Mrs. Elizabeth (Chasey) Matthews

Death Of An Aged Woman

Stricken With Paralysis On Thursday Night

Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews of Oceanport, Who Lived Alone, Found Unconscious in Her House on Friday Morning

Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews of Oceanport, an aged widow who lived alone, was found lying unconscious on her kitchen floor last Friday morning by Elisha Maps, a groceryman, who went to the house after an order for groceries. Dr. Chasey of Long Branch, a nephew of Mrs. Matthews, was summoned and he pronounced it a case of paralysis. He worked untiringly to resuscitate her but he was unsuccessful and she died the next day without regaining consciousness.

Mrs. Matthews had probably been stricken early on the previous night, as there was a partly picked chicken on the table and an oil lamp which stood on the shelf had burned itself out. The doors were also unlocked.

Had Mrs. Matthews lived until Sunday she would (have?) been 83 years old. She was the daughter of Hannah and William Chasey and was born at Turtle Mill, near Eatontown. When she was twenty years old she married William Matthews and began housekeeping in the house in which she died. Her husband died many years ago. Three sons were born to them. One of the sons died in infancy and the other two died of spotted fever about 35 years ago. For the past thirty years Mrs. Matthews had lived alone. She left considerable property. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at two o’clock from her late home. The service was conducted by Elder Esek Wolcott of the Eatontown Advent church. The pall bearers were John Layton, L. M. Price, Albert T. Smith and Benjamin Eldridge. Mrs. Matthews leaves a brother and several distant relatives.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, March 8, 1899