New Jersey News - June 28, 1899 - Hatched Ducks and Lost Them

Hatched Ducks and Lost Them

Miss Nellie Price, daughter of Capt. W. S. Price of Oceanport, set a hen with duck eggs this season. Last Sunday the hen left the nest with six ducklings. Four of the ducks seemed to be very weak. Miss Price wrapped them in an old shawl and took them in the house, where she lay them on a chair near the stove. Shortly afterward Edward Billings called at the house, and took a seat in the chair where the ducks were. His conversation was so engaging and interesting that all thought of the ducks was forgotten for a time. When the ducks were brought to mind there was a hurried rush to pull Mr. Billings from his chair. It was too late to save the ducks, however, for all of them had been squeezed to death.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 28, 1899