New Jersey Wills - 1899 - John J. Mulligan

John J. Mulliganís Will

His Wife Gets Half The Income From His Estate

She Gets the Whole of it for Sixteen Years, Until the Oldest Child Reaches the Age of Twenty-Five Years

John J. Mulligan of Atlantic Highlands, who died about two weeks ago, made his will last February. The witnesses were Anna M. Roche and John E. Foster. Mr. Mulligan was then in poor health. He left $100 to the priest in charge of St. Agnesís church of Atlantic Highlands, to be spent in saying masses for his soul. Mr. Mullignan left a big stove store and plumbing business, and he also left three houses and lots and a vacant lot, besides considerable personal property. His widow and six children survive him. The executors of the will are his widow, Sarah A. Mulligan, and Rev. Thomas A. Roche. They are authorized to dispose of the property, or to retain it, as they see fit. The oldest child is nine years old. Until the oldest child is 25 years old, Mrs. Mulligan is to have all the income from the estate. As each child reaches the age of 25 years, it is to receive one-twelfth of the estate left by Mr. Mulligan and another twelfth part of the estate is to be invested for Mrs. Mulliganís benefit. By this arrangement Mrs. Mulligan will have the income from all the estate until the oldest child is 25 years old, and will have the income from half the estate as long as she lives. At her death the property from which her income is derived is to be distributed in equal shares among the children, thus giving each of them eventually one-sixth of the property. In case Mrs. Mulligan should re-marry her income from Mr. Mulliganís estate is to stop at once.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 21, 1899