New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Edward Mooney

Died In The Hospital

Edward Mooney Killed With A Billiard Cue

His Skull Was Fractured by Owen J. Ferguson, Who Struck Him Three Times on the Head While He Was Lying on the Ground.

Edward Mooney, who was struck on the head with a billiard cue by Owen J. Ferguson, died in the Long Branch hospital about nine o’clock last Friday night. An autopsy showed that his skull had been fractured three times. Ferguson, who killed him, is in the county jail. Two persons who saw Ferguson strike the blows which killed Mooney are also in the county jail, they being held as witnesses.

The fracas which resulted in Mooney’s death occurred on Sunday morning of last week at the Coulter house at Long Branch, near the West End hotel. Mooney was porter at this house and Ferguson was bartender. The dispute began in the barroom, but none of the witnesses saw the beginning of it. A colored boy who was employed in the hotel saw Mooney run through the hall about nine o’clock on Sunday morning, pursued by Ferguson. Ferguson had a billiard cue in his hand at the time. Mooney’s head was bloody, and there had evidently been an encounter in which Mooney had got the worst of it.

Mooney ran from the hall into the back yard. He fell as he got in the yard. While he was lying on the ground Ferguson struck him a heavy blow on top of the head with the cue. Mooney’s skull was broken by this blow. He sunk down and as he sank Ferguson struck him again at nearly the same place. This blow also fractured his skull. When he received the second blow Mooney fell prostrate and turned partly over. Ferguson then seized the billiard cue with both hands and dealt Mooney another crashing blow on the back of his head. This blow also fractured his skull.

Mrs Atwood, a cook in the Coulter house, heard the two first blows struck and ran to see what was the matter. She reached the scene of the murder just in time to see Ferguson deal his third blow to Mooney, while the latter was lying on the ground.

"For God’s sake, do not kill him" Mrs. Atwood exclaimed.

Then she ran for water. Other help came and Mooney was taken to the Long Branch hospital. In telling the story of the attack to the doctors he said that a friend of Ferguson was in the barroom when the quarrel began, but that he did not know his name.

Ferguson was arrested and was sent to the county jail. Mooney was taken to the Long Branch hospital, where he died on Friday night, about nine o’clock. For some time before his death he was delirious and unconscious.

After Mooney’s death the sworn testimony of Mrs. Atwood and the colored boy, who witnessed the attack on Mooney was taken. They could not furnish bail and they were sent to the county jail to be held as witnesses until Ferguson’s trial comes off. They will receive fifty cents per day from the county for the time they spend in the jail, and will get the same board which prisoners receive.

An autopsy was held by the physicians immediately after Mooney’s death. They found three fractures of the skull, corresponding to the blows which the witnesses saw delivered by Ferguson.

Mooney was a resident of New York.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 26, 1899