New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Charles Allgor

Charles Allgor of Wall township, who died a short time age, left a widow and three children. The children were John W. Allgor, Adelia Pearce, wife of Winfield Pearce; and Fanny Newman, wife of Carroll I. Newman. Mr. Allgor made his will May 8th, 1899. He left two farms and some personal property. After providing for the payment of his debts and the erection of a tombstone over his grave, his will gave to his widow, Jane Ann Allgor, the use of all his property during her lifetime. At her death the homestead farm is to go to his son, John W. Allgor, together with a team of horses and a broad-tread wagon. Another farm known as the Kittell property is to be equally divided between his two daughters. All the rest of his estate, after paying for the care of his wife during her last sickness, and her funeral expenses , is to be divided equally among his three children. John W. Allgor was made executor of the will. The witnesses to the will were William L. Tilton and John S. White.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 19, 1899