New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Mrs. Phebe E. Snyder

Mrs. George B. Snyder Dies At Fair Haven

Death Due to a Cancer, from Which She Had suffered for a Long Time-Confined to the Bed Only a Week Previous to Her Death

Mrs. Phebe E. Snyder, wife of Hon. George B. Snyder of Fair Haven, died on Thursday of a cancer, from which she had suffered a long time. Several months ago an operation was intended to be undergone at a hospital in New York, but after an examination the physicians decided that it would be useless, and Mrs. Snyder returned home. She knew of her impending fate and though she suffered terribly she maintained her cheerfulness and strove to lighten the sorrow of the family. She took to her bed only a week before her death.

Mrs. Snyder was 53 years old. She was born at Jersey City, and she married Mr. Snyder on January 15th, 1868. They moved to Fair Haven soon after their marriage and have lived there ever since. Seven children were the fruits of the marriage, all of whom are living. The children are Mrs. Elmira Goltra and Garrett R. Snyder of Jersey City; and Lenette, George B., Jr., Herbert E., Edward A., and Helen Snyder of Fair Haven.

Mrs. Snyder was a member of Fidelity council of Daughters of Liberty of Fair Haven, and of Naramatta council, degree of Pocahontas, of Oceanic. She was also a very active member of the Oceanic Presbyterian church.

The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at one o’clock at the house and at half-past one o’clock at the Presbyterian church. The service was conducted by Rev. S. W. Knipe and Rev. John E. Parmley. Both of the lodges to which Mrs. Snyder belonged turned out in a body. The funeral was the largest ever held at Oceanic and it was impossible for all the people who wished to pay their last token of respect to the dead to get into the church. There were many handsome floral tributes. The pall bearers were James E. Bogle, Robert Murphy, Harry and Charles Harvey, Horace Longstreet and Tunis Barkalow. The burial was at Fair View cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, January 25, 1899