New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Henry C. White

Henry C. White of Little Silver died last Saturday, after a week’s sickness. A week ago Saturday Mr. White attended a shooting match, and after the match there was a dinner. They night Mr. White attended a family gathering at the home of his brother, Timothy M. White, and ate heartily of cake. He was taken sick, and though his sickness was not considered serious, he remained in the house.

During the latter part of last week he grew a little worse and on Friday night he was delirious. Even then his sickness was not thought particularly serious. Toward morning on Saturday he became quiet and the doctors in attendance declared that he was much better. Mr. White however, must have had a premonition of his coming death, for he called his wife and children to his bedside and bade them goodby (sic). He gave his watch to his son George and told him to take care of it, as he himself would need it no longer. He had his bed moved to the window, as he said that he wanted to see the world once more. After looking out of the window for a short time he went to sleep. He did not awaken and early on Saturday afternoon he died.

Mr. White was 53 years old last October and was the son of Lewis White of Little Silver, who is still living. Theodore F. White of Red Bank and Timothy and Winfield White of Little Silver are his brothers. He was married a number of years ago, his wife being Miss Carrie Sherman, daughter of William T. Sherman of Leonardville. His wife survives him and he also leaves three children. The children are Mabel, George and Leroy, and their ages range from eight to twelve years.

Mr. White was In very comfortable circumstances. He left no will. He was always a great hand with a gun and was accounted the best shooter in the country with the use of only one barrel. He was a frequenter of shooting matches and was fond of hunting.

The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at this late home at the corner of Branch avenue and White’s road. The pall bearers were Charles Henry Ivins, James Cooper, Jr., John B. Bergen, Tabor C. Parker, Jacob Borden of Little Silver and Charles Stilwell of Shrewsbury. The burial was at Fair View cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, January 18, 1899