New Jersey Wills - 1899 - James Taylor

James Taylor of Port Monmouth, who died two weeks ago, made his will March 15th, 1894. He appointed his daughter, Miss Minnie A. Taylor executrix. His wife Elizabeth is bequeathed the homestead, together with the furniture, as long as she lives or as long as she remains his widow. At her death the homestead and forty acres from the Conover farm is to go to her son, Arthur E. Taylor. A daughter, Mrs. Charles H. Walling, is left the house and lot where she lives, and also a house and lot south of and adjoining the first one. Another daughter, Minnie A. Taylor is bequeathed two cottages north of those left to Mrs. Walling. Miss Edith H. Taylor, another daughter, is left the cottage known as the Chicago cottage and the house known as the Carhart homestead. All the rest of the real estate and personal property is left to the executrix in trust, to be sold by her and the proceeds to be divided equally among the widow and children. It is provided that Miss Minnie Taylor and her mother shall act as guardians of the children not of age.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, January 18, 1899