New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Maria Fredricka (Gerlach) Wagner

Maria Fredricka Wagner of Asbury Park directed that all her debts be paid and that a tombstone be put up over her grave. She left $1 to her sister, Amelia Gerlach of Germany; $1 to her brother, Louis Gerlach of Philadelphia; $1 to her brother, Edmund Gerlach of Trenton, and $1 to her step-brother, George Gerlach of Portage, Wisconsin. She left all the rest of her property to Katherine Semmelmann of Asbury Park during her lifetime, subject to the payment of $175 to her husband, John Wagner, the money to be paid in quarterly payments. At her death the property is to go to her friend Margaret E. Hutchinson, her heirs and assigns forever. Should Mr. Wagner be still living Margaret Hutchinson is to pay him $175 annually as before. Lillian N. McKeown and James D. Carton were made executors of the will. The will was made January 7th, 1898, with George E. Hulick and Louis A. Clement of Asbury Park as witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, February 15, 1899