New Jersey Wills - 1899 - G. W. VanSchoick

G. W. VanSchoick’s Will

His Widow And His Two Children Get All His Estate

Mrs. Van Schoick and Charles Henry Ivins Made Executors of the Will

The will of George VanSchoick was read last week, after the funeral. The will was made on the eleventh day of last month, with J. E. Sayre and James Brown as witnesses. Mr. VanSchoick left to his widow the house and lot on Maple avenue where he lived, and the vacant lot adjoining it, on the corner of Maple avenue and Monmouth street. She also received $200 in cash and all the furniture in the house. This property is left to her absolutely.

To his only daughter, Margaret, wife of John B. Brooks of New Milford, N. J., Mr. VanSchoick left the two double houses on Maple avenue adjoining his late residence. These houses are to be Mrs. Brooks’s as long as she shall live, and at her death they are to go to her children.

William Sutton VanSchoick, Mr. VanSchoick’s only son, gets the farm near Fair View cemetery as long as he lives and it is then to go to his children. He also gets all the stock and farming tools and machinery on the place. This goes to him absolutely, without reserve.

Mr. VanSchoick left considerable personal property in the shape of mortgages, etc. This property is estimated at $10,000. This property, together with the entire residue of the estate, is to be divided equally between Mrs. Brooks and William S. VanSchoick. Mr. VanSchoick’s widow and Charles Henry Ivins were made the executors of the will.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, February 8, 1899