New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Robert H. Woolley

Robert H. Woolley of Chicago, who at one time was in business at Red Bank, died on Monday of last week from an attack of the grip. Mr. Woolley, while in business in Red Bank, was a partner of Thomas Morford, in the general store on the site of Patterson & Spinning’s store at the corner of Broad and Front streets. Mr. Woolley went West about forty years ago, and for the past 32 years he had been connected with the J. W. Butler Paper Co. of Chicago. He was 73 years old and was sick only six days previous to his death.

Mr. Woolley lost his wife in 1880 and did not again marry. One son died in childhood and his only other child is Mrs. Myron I. Low of Lime Ridge, Pa., who was with him at the time of his death. The late Mrs. Rebecca Hance, mother of Borden Hance of Red Bank, was a sister to Mr. Woolley, and he also leaves several brothers and half-brothers in New York city.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, February 1, 1899