New Jersey Wills - 1899 - William W. Hendrickson

William W. Hendrickson of Freehold, who died in October, made his will September 17th, 1899. He left a feather bed, bolsters and pillows to his son, Abram L. Hendrickson. To his daughter, Sarah C. Fox, wife of Thomas H. Fox, he left $10. The rest of his household goods are to be divided among his four sons, Abram L. Hendrickson, Rulif S. Hendrickson, Cornelius Hendrickson and William W. Hendrickson. The rest of his personal property and all his real estate is to be sold. He stated in his will that he wished his son, Abram L. Hendrickson, to buy his sawmill property on Manalapan creek for $1,200. If the property should not be bought by him it is to be sold for the best price obtainable and in that case Abram is to receive $300, and the rest of his estate is to be divided equally among the other three sons. Cornelius Handrickson was appointed executor of the will. Peter Forman and W. T. MacMillan were the witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 20, 1899