New Jersey Obituaries - 1899 - Daniel Donohue and Otto Kramer

Killed By A Train

Daniel Donohue of Freehold Meets Instant Death Near Windsor

Daniel Donohue and Otto Kramer of Freehold were struck by a train at a crossing near Windsor, in Mercer county, on Saturday, December 9th. Donohue was instantly killed and Kramer was so badly injured that he may not recover. Donohue and Kramer were both employed in Rothschild's shirt factory at Freehold. Kramer's wife and children live at Bordentown and he was on his way to spend Sunday with his sister, who also lives at Bordentown. It was after dark when they reached the railroad crossing near Windsor. The train was late and was running at a high rate of speed. Donohue's head was crushed. Kramer was thrown against a barbed wire fence and the scratches from the barbs were the only visible injuries that he received. He was unconscious when picked up and an examination revealed internal injuries. The horse was killed and the wagon was so badly wrecked that there was nothing left of it worth taking home. The rig belonged to Charles DuBois of Freehold. Donohue leaves a wife and three small children.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 20, 1899