New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Daniel Covert

Daniel Covert's Widow Has His Property as Long as She Lives

Daniel Covert of Eatontown died on Sunday, November 9th, leaving a wife, Ann Covert, and one daughter, Mrs. Ann Amanda West, who lives between Eatontown and Long Branch. He left all of his real and personal property to his wife during her lifetime. At her death one-half of his personal property and $1,500 is to Eunice Harvey. The rest of his estate is to go to his daughter Mrs. West. Should Eunice Harvey die without leaving issue her share is to go to Mrs. West. Mrs. West and Eunice Harvey were made executors of the will, which was made February 12th, 1886. The will was witnessed by Fred A. Beale and Preston L. Wood.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 20, 1899