New Jersey Wills - 1899 - John Ireland

John Ireland of Long Branch left four children, Hannah Wells, Henrietta VanDyke, Mary Elizabeth Layton and William B. Ireland. He had advanced money to each of his children during his life time, and his executors were instructed to pay to each child a sufficient sum to make this amount equal all around. He left $300 to his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Layton, and $150 to each of his grandchildren, Addie G. Ireland, Minnie M. Ireland, Katie Ireland and William B. Ireland, Jr. He left a house and lot at Oakhurst to each of his four children. The sum of $200 is set aside to be held in trust to provide a gravestone and to keep the burial plot in order. All the rest of his property is to be divided equally among his four children. The executors of the will are Lewis Wells and Mary Elizabeth Layton. The will was made March 6th, 1899.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 6, 1899