New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Mrs. Mary Lee

Mrs. Mary Lee of Keyport, who died at Keyport January 5th, left all her estate to her two sons, Sylvanus Lee and Benjamin A. Lee, as trustees for the estate. Mrs. Lee was the widow of Talbot Lee and she died on her 83rd birthday. The estate is to be sold and closed out within one year after Mrs. Lee’s death. When the estate has been sold and all Mrs. Lee’s debts, funeral bills and other lawful charges paid, the remainder is to be divided into three parts. One part, or one-third of the net estate, is to go to Lucy M. Lee, wife of Benjamin A. Lee. Another part is to go to Mary Lee, daughter of Sylvanus Lee; and the other part is to be equally divided among Benjamin E. Lee, Marcus W. Lee, Minnie Lee and Augustus Lee, children of Peter S. Lee. The will was made April 8th, 1893. The witnesses were James Matthews and Erwin Taylor. Sylvanus Lee and Benjamin A. Lee were made the executors of the will.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 19, 1899