New Jersey Wills - 1899 - Mrs. Caroline L, (Meyer) Hinners

Mrs. Caroline L. Hinners of Coltís Neck Left all Her Property to Her Husband and Made Him the Executor of Her Will

Mrs. Caroline L, Hinners, who died at Coltís Neck on April 4th, left all her estate to her husband during his life, with the privilege of his using as much of it as he might choose. Mrs. Hinnersís will expressly sets forth that her husband, William H. Hinners, shall have full power to sell, mortgage, and dispose of the property in any way he sees fit, except to will it away at his death. No person shall call Mr. Hinners to any accounting for doing with his wifeís estate as he pleases; but when he dies whatever portion of her estate is left is to be equally divided among her two brothers and her sister-Frederick William Meyer, Otto Meyer and Matilda Henrietta Meyer. Mrs. Hinners made her husband the executor of the will, which was made in New York April 9th, 1896.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 19, 1899