New Jersey Wills - 1899 - John Cullington

The Cullington Will Case

The Accounts of the Executors Upheld by Judge Conover

Judge Conover last Thursday dismissed the exceptions which had been taken to the accounts of the executors of the will of John Cullington. The item complained of was a charge of $1,555 for board. Judge Conover held that the testimony showed that the charge for board was a legal charge against the estate, and that it should be paid. The board account was due to William Cullington and was at the rate of $5 per week. If the entire sum due had been demanded by Mr. Cullington there would not have been sufficient money in the estate to have paid all the bequests; but he rebated the bill sufficiently to permit the payment of all special bequests, and to pay in full all the other claims against the estate. The exception to the charge for board was made by the children of Samuel Cullington, who under the will would share in the residue, should there be any residue. The decision by Judge Conover marks the final settlement of the case.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 5, 1899