New Jersey Wills - September 21, 1898 - John S. Compton

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New Jersey Wills - September 21, 1898 - John S. Compton

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Opposing A Will

The Relatives of John S. Compton File a Caveat

John S. Compton of Belford, who died September 2d, left a will which is being objected to by his relatives, and they have filed a caveat against the probating of the will. The will was made six years ago. Mr. Compton was a bachelor, and for many years he had made his home with his sister, Mrs. Huldah Clark, and her son, Joseph Clark. Mr. Compton left three brothers and three sisters. The brothers are Joseph S. Compton, Seeley Compton and Cornelius Compton, and the sisters are Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Joseph A. Walling and Mrs. Nathan Matthews. Mr. Compton also left some nieces and nephews whose parents are dead. Mrs. Matthews lives at Asbury Park, but all the other relatives live at Belford or in that immediate neighborhood.

Mr. Compton at the time of his death owned the old Compton homestead at Belford, which contains 26 acres. He also owned another small farm at Belford which contained twelve acres. In addition to this property he owned a lumber and coal yard at Belford and some personal property. His entire estate was valued at $20,000.

The will was made six years ago, and was drawn up by George H. Sickles. Mr. Compton left his lumber and coal yard to Joseph Clark, who had conducted the business for him for a number of years. The real estate was left to Mrs. Huldah Clark during her lifetime, and at her death it is to go to Mr. Compton's brothers and sisters. All the natural heirs to the property joined in protesting against the will. No day for the hearing in the case has been set.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 21, 1898

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