New Jersey Obituaries - September 21, 1898 - Robert L. Black

Robert L. Black, son of Elias S. Black of Hightstown, died very suddenly on Saturday at the home of his grandfather, Robert Laurie of Rumson. Young Black was seventeen years old. His father was for a number of years foreman of the Lovett nursery business at Little Silver. About twelve year ago Mr. Black resigned his position as foreman of the Lovett nursery and moved to Hightstown, where he established a nursery business of his own.

Robert L. Black, his son, was remarkable for his brightness and aptness as a student. Two years ago he graduated from Peddie institute, and was awarded a gold medal for his proficiency. Last year he graduated from Clinton liberal institute, New York, with high honors, and last fall he entered St. Lawrence University at Canton, New York. He expected to enter a business college in Trenton on Monday of this week, to take a thorough commercial course.

About two weeks ago he went from Hightstown to Little Silver to spent (sic) the last fortnight of his vacation. He spent part of his time with his uncle, George H. Lippincott, and the remainder of the vacation was spent at his grandfather's. He was to have gone back to Hightstown on Saturday. On Friday night he was unusually jolly, and he talked and laughed the entire evening, and even as he went to bed. Mr. Laurie gets up about five o'clock each morning and on Saturday morning when he awoke he heard his grandson breathing loudly. He tried to rouse him but could not. Doctors were hurriedly sent for and Drs. Reed and Wylie of Seabright were soon at the boy's bedside. They said that a blood vessel in the brain had been ruptured. The doctors worked over the boy until ten minutes of nine, when he died without regaining consciousness.

The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at Mr. Laurie's house. The service was conducted by Rev. Mr. Mason of Hightstown, and the interment was in evergreen cemetery at Rumson. The bearers were all cousins of the dead boy, and were from Hightstown. They were Lemuel, Charles and Walter C. Black, Ellis Rozelle and Joseph and Charles Bennett.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 21, 1898