New Jersey Obituaries - September 7, 1898 - John S. Compton

John S. Compton, an old resident of Belford, died of old age last Friday. He was 72 years old and had lived at Belford all his life. He was a bachelor and made his home with Mrs. Huldah Clark, a relative. When Mr. Compton was a young man and wanted to go in business for himself he had no money, but he had an excellent reputation and he readily borrowed $500, although he could give no security. With the money he bought a boat and began carrying produce between Port Monmouth and New York. He made a small fortune at this business, and his wealth when he died was estimated at $30,000. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at the house, and the body was buried at Fair View.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 7, 1898