New Jersey Wills - October 26, 1898 - Ezra A. Dunn

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New Jersey Wills - October 26, 1898 - Ezra A. Dunn

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Ezra A. Dunn of Matawan township provided in his will for the payment of his debts, and then left to his wife the house and lot where they lived and all the furniture. This was left to her as long as she should live. The executor of the will, William A. Dunlop, Mr. Dunn's brother-in-law, was authorized to sell all the stocks, bonds, notes and other personal property except the furniture in the house and also to sell all the real estate which Mr. Dunn might own at the time of his death. One-third of this money is to be given to Mr. Dunn's widow for her use as long she shall live. The remaining two-thirds of the proceeds of the sale of the property is to be divided equally among Mr. Dunn's children, Margaret Scobey, wife of Spencer W. Scobey; Frances I. Smith, wife of William Winterton; Nathaniel H. Dunn, John D. Dunn and Violet Dunn. The children of his dead daughter, Emma Newcomb, are to have their mother's share. After his wife's death the property left to her is to be divided among these children. The will was made December 22d, 1890, W. D. Bailey and George W. Bell being the witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 26, 1898

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