New Jersey Wills - October 19, 1898 - Mrs. Lavinia Woolley

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New Jersey Wills - October 19, 1898 - Mrs. Lavinia Woolley

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Lewis Lane To Get Most Of His Sister's Estate

Mr. Lane's Daughters Get Remembrances From Their Aunt

Mrs. Lavinia Woolley, who died at West Long Branch on September 18th, left a will in which she bequeathed the bulk of her estate to her brother, Lewis Lane of Holmdel. Mr. Lane was made executor of the will. The only articles excepted from the bequest to her brother, were a few things to three nieces, and these bequests were in the nature of keepsakes. One niece, Cora Lane, received a gold watch and chain; another Nellie Lane, received Mrs. Woolley's knives and forks and a looking glass; and the third, Lavina M. Lane, received her aunt's silver spoons and a butter knife. Mrs. Woolley made her will on August 18th, exactly one month before her death. The witnesses were Abram T. Metzgar and Joseph D. VanNote.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 19, 1898

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