New Jersey Wills - October 19, 1898 - Mercy Anna Weart

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New Jersey Wills - October 19, 1898 - Mercy Anna Weart

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Mercy Anna Weart of Freehold made her will in Jersey City last April. She made her two sons, Edward M. Weart and James G. Weart, executors of the will. She bequeathed all her estate, both real and personal, to them, with instructions to sell the real estate when they thought best, and to convert all her personal estate, as well as the real estate, into cash. After converting the property into cash the executors were instructed to divide it equally among Mrs. Weart's six children. The children, in addition to the two named as executors, are Lillie Danser, wife of J. W. Danser of Freehold; Algernon Weart, Elizabeth N. Welch and Jacob Walling Weart.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 19, 1898

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